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Reliable Pipes & Tubes Ltd. Reliable Pipes & Tubes Ltd.
Reliable Pipes & Tubes Ltd.
Reliable Pipes & Tubes Ltd. Reliable Pipes & Tubes Ltd. Reliable Pipes & Tubes Ltd. Reliable Pipes & Tubes Ltd. Reliable Pipes & Tubes Ltd. Reliable Pipes & Tubes Ltd. Reliable Pipes & Tubes Ltd.
Reliable Pipes & Tubes Ltd.
Reliable Pipes & Tubes Ltd.
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Alloy Steel Pipes & Tubes

Reliable is a merchant exporter of alloy steel pipes and alloy steel tubes used for many different purposes.

We are specialized in offering precision engineered alloy steels, which are used in various engineering applications and can be availed in various grades like.

We are doing export in U.A.E, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indoanesia, Nigeria, Tanzania, Brazil, Columbia, Ecuador, Germany, France, Belgium, United Kingdom, Berlin, Qatar ,Netherlands , China, Japan, Korea, Dubai, Abudhabi, Jebelali.

Alloy Steel Pipes & Tubes
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Alloy Steel Pipes & Tubes

Alloy Steel contains substantial quantities of elements other than carbon such as nickel, chromium, silicon, manganese, tungsten, molybdenum, vanadium and limited amounts of other commonly accepted elements such as manganese, sulfur, silicon, and phosphorous. Addition of such alloying elements is usually for the purpose to increase hardness, strength or chemical resistance.

Pipes made of alloy steel have exceptional performance properties. These are generally developed for energy-related applications involving oil and gas drilling and are subjected to stresses in machine parts. Alloy Steel Tubes are also used in daily life, catering to the domestic, professional or industrial needs. In recent years, the demand for alloy steel tubing has been increasing along with the economic growth.

ASTM A209 T1, T1a, T1b (Standard Specification For Seamless Carbon-Molybdenum Alloy-Steel Boiler and Superheater Tubes
Size Range: 1/2" - 5"
Schedules : 20, 30, 40, Standard (STD), Extra Heavy (XH), 80, 100, 120, 140, 160, XXH & heavier
Grades : ASTM A209 Grade T1, ASTM A209 Grade T1a, ASTM A209 Grade T1b

ASTM A213 T2, T5, T5b, T5c, T9, T11, T12, T17, T21, T22, T23, T24, T36, T91, T92, T122, T911 (Standard Specification For Seamless Ferritic and Austenitic Alloy-Steel Boiler, Superheater, and Heat-Exchanger Tubes)
Size Range: 1/8" - 5"
Schedules : 20, 30, 40, Standard (STD), Extra Heavy (XH), 80, 100, 120, 140, 160, XXH & heavier
Grades : ASTM A213 T2, ASTM A213 T5, ASTM A213 T5b, ASTM A213 T5c, ASTM A213 T9, ASTM A213 T11, ASTM A213 T12, ASTM A213 T17, ASTM A213 T21, ASTM A213 T22, ASTM A213 T23, ASTM A213 T24, ASTM A213 T36, ASTM A213 T91, ASTM A213 T92, ASTM A213 T122, ASTM A213 T911

ASTM A250 T1, T1a, T1b, T2, T11, T12, T22 (Standard Specification For Electric-Resistance-Welded Ferritic Alloy Steel Boiler and Superheater Tubes)
Size Range: 1/2" - 5"
Schedules : 20, 30, 40, Standard (STD), Extra Heavy (XH), 80, 100, 120, 140, 160, XXH & heavier
Grades : ASTM A250 Grade T1, ASTM A250 Grade T1a, ASTM A250 Grade T1b, ASTM A250 Grade T2, ASTM A250 Grade T11, ASTM A250 Grade T12, ASTM A250 Grade T22

ASTM A335 P1, P2, P5, P5b, P5c, P9, P11, P12, P15, P21, P22, P23, P24, P36, P91, P92, P122, P911(Standard Specification For Seamless Ferritic Alloy-Steel Pipe for High-Temperature Service)
Size Range: 1/8" -42"
Schedules : 20, 30, 40, Standard (STD), Extra Heavy (XH), 80, 100, 120, 140, 160, XXH & heavier
Grades : ASTM A335 P1, ASTM A335 P2, ASTM A335 P5, ASTM A335 P5b, ASTM A335 P5c, ASTM A335 P9, ASTM A335 P11, ASTM A335 P12, ASTM A335 P15, ASTM A335 P21, ASTM A335 P22, ASTM A335 P23, ASTM A335 P24, ASTM A335 P36, ASTM A335 P91, ASTM A335 P92, ASTM A335 P122, ASTM A335 P911

ASTM A369 FPA, FPB, FP1, FP2, FP5, FP9, FP11, FP12, FP21, FP22, FP91, FP92 (Standard Specification For Carbon and Ferritic Alloy Steel Forged and Bored Pipe for High-Temperature Servie)
Size Range: 1/8" -42"
Schedules : 20, 30, 40, Standard (STD), Extra Heavy (XH), 80, 100, 120, 140, 160, XXH & heavier
Grades : ASTM A369 FPA, ASTM A369 FPB, ASTM A369 FP1, ASTM A369 FP2, ASTM A369 FP5, ASTM A369 FP9, ASTM A369 FP11, ASTM A369 FP12, ASTM A369 FP21, ASTM A369 FP22, ASTM A369 FP91, ASTM A369 FP92

ASTM A691 CM65, CM70, CM75, CMSH70, CMS75, CMSH80, ½ Cr, 1Cr, 1¼ Cr, 2 ¼ Cr, 3Cr, 5Cr, 9Cr, 91 (Standard Specification for Carbon and Alloy Steel Pipe, Electri-Fusion-Welded for High-Pressure Service at High Temperatures)
Size Range: 16" to 100"
Schedules : 20, 30, 40, Standard (STD), Extra Heavy (XH), 80, 100, 120, 140, 160, XXH & heavier

ASTM A691 CM-65 Class 10 ASTM A691 CM-70 Class 10 ASTM A691 CM-75 Class 10 ASTM A691 CMSH-70 Class 10 ASTM A691 CMS-75 Class 10
ASTM A691 CM-65 Class 11 ASTM A691 CM-70 Class 11 ASTM A691 CM-75 Class 11 ASTM A691 CMSH-70 Class 11 ASTM A691 CMS-75 Class 11
ASTM A691 CM-65 Class 12 ASTM A691 CM-70 Class 12 ASTM A691 CM-75 Class 12 ASTM A691 CMSH-70 Class 12 ASTM A691 CMS-75 Class 12
ASTM A691 CM-65 Class 13 ASTM A691 CM-70 Class 13 ASTM A691 CM-75 Class 13 ASTM A691 CMSH-70 Class 13 ASTM A691 CMS-75 Class 13
ASTM A691 CM-65 Class 20 ASTM A691 CM-70 Class 20 ASTM A691 CM-75 Class 20 ASTM A691 CMSH-70 Class 20 ASTM A691 CMS-75 Class 20
ASTM A691 CM-65 Class 21 ASTM A691 CM-70 Class 21 ASTM A691 CM-75 Class 21 ASTM A691 CMSH-70 Class 21 ASTM A691 CMS-75 Class 21
ASTM A691 CM-65 Class 22 ASTM A691 CM-70 Class 22 ASTM A691 CM-75 Class 22 ASTM A691 CMSH-70 Class 22 ASTM A691 CMS-75 Class 22
ASTM A691 CM-65 Class 23 ASTM A691 CM-70 Class 23 ASTM A691 CM-75 Class 23 ASTM A691 CMSH-70 Class 23 ASTM A691 CMS-75 Class 23
ASTM A691 CM-65 Class 30 ASTM A691 CM-70 Class 30 ASTM A691 CM-75 Class 30 ASTM A691 CMSH-70 Class 30 ASTM A691 CMS-75 Class 30
ASTM A691 CM-65 Class 31 ASTM A691 CM-70 Class 31 ASTM A691 CM-75 Class 31 ASTM A691 CMSH-70 Class 31 ASTM A691 CMS-75 Class 31
ASTM A691 CM-65 Class 32 ASTM A691 CM-70 Class 32 ASTM A691 CM-75 Class 32 ASTM A691 CMSH-70 Class 32 ASTM A691 CMS-75 Class 32
ASTM A691 CM-65 Class 33 ASTM A691 CM-70 Class 33 ASTM A691 CM-75 Class 33 ASTM A691 CMSH-70 Class 33 ASTM A691 CMS-75 Class 33
ASTM A691 CM-65 Class 40 ASTM A691 CM-70 Class 40 ASTM A691 CM-75 Class 40 ASTM A691 CMSH-70 Class 40 ASTM A691 CMS-75 Class 40
ASTM A691 CM-65 Class 41 ASTM A691 CM-70 Class 41 ASTM A691 CM-75 Class 41 ASTM A691 CMSH-70 Class 41 ASTM A691 CMS-75 Class 41

ASTM A691 CMSH-80 Class 10 ASTM A691 1/2 CR Class 10 ASTM A691 1CR Class 10 ASTM A691 1-1/4CR Class 10 ASTM A691 2-1/4CR Class 10
ASTM A691 CMSH-80 Class 11 ASTM A691 1/2 CR Class 11 ASTM A691 1CR Class 11 ASTM A691 1-1/4CR Class 11 ASTM A691 2-1/4CR Class 11
ASTM A691 CMSH-80 Class 12 ASTM A691 1/2 CR Class 12 ASTM A691 1CR Class 12 ASTM A691 1-1/4CR Class 12 ASTM A691 2-1/4CR Class 12
ASTM A691 CMSH-80 Class 13 ASTM A691 1/2 CR Class 13 ASTM A691 1CR Class 13 ASTM A691 1-1/4CR Class 13 ASTM A691 2-1/4CR Class 13
ASTM A691 CMSH-80 Class 20 ASTM A691 1/2 CR Class 20 ASTM A691 1CR Class 20 ASTM A691 1-1/4CR Class 20 ASTM A691 2-1/4CR Class 20
ASTM A691 CMSH-80 Class 21 ASTM A691 1/2 CR Class 21 ASTM A691 1CR Class 21 ASTM A691 1-1/4CR Class 21 ASTM A691 2-1/4CR Class 21
ASTM A691 CMSH-80 Class 22 ASTM A691 1/2 CR Class 22 ASTM A691 1CR Class 22 ASTM A691 1-1/4CR Class 22 ASTM A691 2-1/4CR Class 22
ASTM A691 CMSH-80 Class 23 ASTM A691 1/2 CR Class 23 ASTM A691 1CR Class 23 ASTM A691 1-1/4CR Class 23 ASTM A691 2-1/4CR Class 23
ASTM A691 CMSH-80 Class 30 ASTM A691 1/2 CR Class 30 ASTM A691 1CR Class 30 ASTM A691 1-1/4CR Class 30 ASTM A691 2-1/4CR Class 30
ASTM A691 CMSH-80 Class 31 ASTM A691 1/2 CR Class 31 ASTM A691 1CR Class 31 ASTM A691 1-1/4CR Class 31 ASTM A691 2-1/4CR Class 31
ASTM A691 CMSH-80 Class 32 ASTM A691 1/2 CR Class 32 ASTM A691 1CR Class 32 ASTM A691 1-1/4CR Class 32 ASTM A691 2-1/4CR Class 32
ASTM A691 CMSH-80 Class 33 ASTM A691 1/2 CR Class 33 ASTM A691 1CR Class 33 ASTM A691 1-1/4CR Class 33 ASTM A691 2-1/4CR Class 33
ASTM A691 CMSH-80 Class 40 ASTM A691 1/2 CR Class 40 ASTM A691 1CR Class 40 ASTM A691 1-1/4CR Class 40 ASTM A691 2-1/4CR Class 40
ASTM A691 CMSH-80 Class 41 ASTM A691 1/2 CR Class 41 ASTM A691 1CR Class 41 ASTM A691 1-1/4CR Class 41 ASTM A691 2-1/4CR Class 41

ASTM A691 2CR Class 10 ASTM A691 5CR Class 10 ASTM A691 9CR Class 10 ASTM A691 91 Class 10
ASTM A691 2CR Class 11 ASTM A691 5CR Class 11 ASTM A691 9CR Class 11 ASTM A691 91 Class 11
ASTM A691 2CR Class 12 ASTM A691 5CR Class 12 ASTM A691 9CR Class 12 ASTM A691 91 Class 12
ASTM A691 2CR Class 13 ASTM A691 5CR Class 13 ASTM A691 9CR Class 13 ASTM A691 91 Class 13
ASTM A691 2CR Class 20 ASTM A691 5CR Class 20 ASTM A691 9CR Class 20 ASTM A691 91 Class 20
ASTM A691 2CR Class 21 ASTM A691 5CR Class 21 ASTM A691 9CR Class 21 ASTM A691 91 Class 21
ASTM A691 2CR Class 22 ASTM A691 5CR Class 22 ASTM A691 9CR Class 22 ASTM A691 91 Class 22
ASTM A691 2CR Class 23 ASTM A691 5CR Class 23 ASTM A691 9CR Class 23 ASTM A691 91 Class 23
ASTM A691 2CR Class 30 ASTM A691 5CR Class 30 ASTM A691 9CR Class 30 ASTM A691 91 Class 30
ASTM A691 2CR Class 31 ASTM A691 5CR Class 31 ASTM A691 9CR Class 31 ASTM A691 91 Class 31
ASTM A691 2CR Class 32 ASTM A691 5CR Class 32 ASTM A691 9CR Class 32 ASTM A691 91 Class 32
ASTM A691 2CR Class 33 ASTM A691 5CR Class 33 ASTM A691 9CR Class 33 ASTM A691 91 Class 33
ASTM A691 2CR Class 40 ASTM A691 5CR Class 40 ASTM A691 9CR Class 40 ASTM A691 91 Class 40
ASTM A691 2CR Class 41 ASTM A691 5CR Class 41 ASTM A691 9CR Class 41 ASTM A691 91 Class 41

Forged Elbow

With the support of our competent team of professionals, we are able to manufacture, supply and export a comprehensive array of Steel Elbows to the clients. The offered range of steel elbows is designed and fabricated by our professionals in exact accordance with the international quality standards & norms. Clients can avail these products in various grades, standards and sizes so as to meeting their specific demands.

Forged Elbow
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