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Reliable Pipes & Tubes Ltd. Reliable Pipes & Tubes Ltd.
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Reliable Pipes & Tubes Ltd. Reliable Pipes & Tubes Ltd. Reliable Pipes & Tubes Ltd. Reliable Pipes & Tubes Ltd. Reliable Pipes & Tubes Ltd. Reliable Pipes & Tubes Ltd. Reliable Pipes & Tubes Ltd.
Reliable Pipes & Tubes Ltd.
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Cladded Pipes and Fittings

The technologically designated Cladded Pipes & Fittings are used in water, oil and gas industries, sub-sea applications and petrochemicals & refineries. Here, in cladding the weld metal is put on the surface of the work, as opposed to joining two pieces of material. Usually this is done for getting corrosion resistance or wear resistance. The materials we use while developing this range are carbon steel, stainless steel and low alloy steel. We employ two methods of cladding process one is by weld overlay, where we deposit weld metal on to component to achieve the desired dimension or properties replacing lost material or providing a wear or corrosion resistance surface and the other is explosion bond that is process of bonding two different materials with the help of pressure and heat produced by explosion.

We are doing export in U.A.E, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indoanesia, Nigeria, Tanzania, Brazil, Columbia, Ecuador, Germany, France, Belgium, United Kingdom, Berlin, Qatar ,Netherlands , China, Japan, Korea, Dubai, Abudhabi, Jebelali.

Cladded Pipes and Fittings
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Cladded Pipes and Fittings

Clad & Weld Overlay Materials:
Base Material Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel & Low Alloy Steel
Clad Material SS304, SS316L, SS317L, SS410, UNS N0 8825, UNS N06625, Hastelloy C22, Hastelloy C276, Hastelloy B3, UNS N04400
Weld Overlay Material ER410S, 430, ER308L, 309L, ER309LMo, 316L, 317L, UNS N08825, UNS N0 6625, Hastelloy C22, Hastelloy C276, Hastelloy B3, UNS N04400
Reliable also offers cladded & weld overlay components of various sizes & thickness with cladding by weld overlay or explosion bonding:

Pipes Diameter Thickness Clad / Weld Overlay Thickness
Welded Pipes 2" NB & Above Minimum 2mm & Above Minimum 1 mm
Seamless Pipes 2" NB & Above Minimum 2mm & Above Minimum 1 mm

Fittings Size Thickness Weld Overlay Thickness
Elbows 2" & Above Minimum 2mm & Above Minimum 1 mm
Reducers 2" & Above Minimum 2mm & Above Minimum 1 mm
Tees 2" & Above Minimum 2mm & Above Minimum 1 mm
Weldolets 2" & Above Minimum 2mm & Above Minimum 1 mm
Sockolets 2" & Above Minimum 2mm & Above Minimum 1 mm

Flanges Size Thickness Weld Overlay Thickness
WNRF, BLRF, WNRTJ 2" & Above Minimum 2mm & Above Minimum 1 mm (or as required)

Butt Welding with Filler Material

We offer prime quality Butt Welding with Filler Material that is used chiefly in power generation through nuclear and fossil. We employ orbital pipe welding as it is precisely appropriate for welding materials as in super duplex austenitic duple stainless steels as well as titanium. This is therefore as once adequate welding procedure have been formed, the power flow deliver precisely the same parameters weld after weld following on favorable metallurgical properties. Our company emphasizes on meeting on the strict code requirement on which welds are been performed of highest welds quality.

Narrow Groove Welding

We offer finest range of Narrow Groove Welding Machine that has been the popular among various fabricators and specifiers of thick-wall pipe and vessels. Here, narrow groove means a weld joint usually something around /2" (13 mm) wide, and from 1" to 12" (25, 4 mm to 304,8 mm) deep. Our machines' narrow gap features torch and wire oscillation to provide finer sidewall fusion when compared to other simpler systems. Here, the design through narrow groove welding equipment has high weld quality and optimal usability that provides visibility of the molted weld pool, integrated gas system check instantly argon gas delivery system.

Socket or Fillet Welding

We are engaged in offering finest range of Socket or Filler Welding for their crucial role in orbital applications. In our method, the torch on the standard pipe weld heads can be tilted 15 to 20 degrees and the weld can be performed without any complications. The benefit of this configuration is that the tungsten angle or AVC (arc length control) angle is in line with the torch movement, making socket welds simpler. The Torch Tilt is used on 4" (114,3 mm) sch. 80 Socket welds for a high-pressure hydraulic application. For thinner wall sockets or fillets, we have specific model, where of pipe weld heads can also be fitted with a torch tilt preference.

Fixed Automation

We understand the necessity of automated or robotic weld applications that are met through our advanced Fixed Automation. These are orbital pipe weld heads on a flat track for in-place welding using a positioned. We adopt the method, which is significantly flexible modular approach to fixture welding. Mostly in the automated weld application, the robot or a controller simply turns the welding power supply through auto control. In addition, it uses the computerized control capability of the Model 415 power supply to control not just the welding, but as well as positioning location and rotational speed (travel speed) too.

Fusion Butt Welding

We have technologically developed Fusion Butt Welding machine that meets the needs and outperforms the welding specifications of various industries as broad as bio, pharmaceutical, food, dairy, aerospace, power generation, semiconductor and ship building. Tube or pipe sizes from 3/32" OD (2,3 mm) through 7.5" OD (190,5 mm) in wall thicknesses up to 0.160" (4 mm) can be welded x-ray clear, with 100% penetration. Moreover, our liquid-cooled weld heads are most suitable for OEM jobs, high production habit or heavy wall applications. Our line of weld heads is more adjustable to multiple applications and makes even challenging welds easy. Our machine is capable of continuously deliver critical welds through an easy command.

Weld Overlay or Cladding

We offer genuine Weld Overlay or Claddings that is a process where the welded metal puts on the surface of the work, against the joining two pieces of material. This protects from corrosion and wears & tears with different material used frequently for the clad than for the base metal. There are several methods we employ in our cladding that is roll cladding, explosion welding and laser welding. We employ compact technology of cladding that adds to the material flexibility.
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ID Welding/Cladding

Our firm understands the vitality of ID Welding/Cladding, which is a sub-set of orbital TIG welding that is now being used more extensively. We have developed these claddings for various applications such as water, gas & oil, sewage pipes, water wells, conveyors/ idlers, electric poles, scaffolds, automotive and structural purposes. It provides a long life and superior reliability against corrosion with high environment applications. Our method has proven to be more economical ways for steel structures without jeopardizing design thickness.
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Roll Bond / Explosion Bond

We offer supreme quality Roll Bond / Explosion Bond plate that is highly economical alternative in comparison to expensive high alloy solid plates. Here, the mechanical properties of the base material and the corrosion resistance of the cladding material effects in an impeccable combination. Further, the thinner wall thickness and improved workability compared with solid plates and superior surface in comparison with overlay welding is offered by our roll bond plate.
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Mechanical Bond

We offer supreme range of Mechanical Bond plates that is actually a bond formed by keying or interlocking as opposed to a chemical bond by adhesion as plaster bonding to lath or concrete bonding to deformed reinforcing rods. Our mechanical bond provides the most economical method of CRA protection, suitable on seamless or welded pipes, does not matter if it is of small or large quantities. Moreover, our product offers superb corrosion protection using the backer material as strength portion.
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